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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You would like to know about orders realization, returns, shipping costs and sending.

  • Is it possible to order by e-mail and over the phone?
    We receive orders over the phone and also by e-mail. You can order by calling: 42 227 93 21 (ext. 21) or sending an e-mail to: work from Mon to Fri: 8-16 and on Sat: 8-14). Please remember to type in the catalogue number, color and the size of ordered product.
  • Will I receive an order placing confirmation message?
    After finishing the ordering process there will be send e-mails confirming all changes of order status to You. When package is collected by DPD courier, he also sends a text message with package information and waybill number. During ordering process please type in e-mail address and phone number carefully. In case of any problems with ordering You can contact us by calling: 42 227 93 21 (ext. 21) or send e-mail to: work from Mon to Fri: 8-16 and on Sat: 8-14).
  • Is it possible to place an order without having an account?
    Yes. You can place an order without an account and logging in. After choosing several products to the basket and moving to the Shipment Data section, choose "ORDER WITHOUT SIGNING-UP" option. Although we encourage You to sign-up for account which will give You full access to discounts and sales.
  • What are advantages of being regular customer?
    After creating an account You have access to all discounts, sales and discount thresholds, which are adding up only with orders registered on client account. Signing up allows also to keep in history all data necessary to make the payment and send a package. We encourage You also to subscribe to our newsletter to receive newest information about discounts, sales and recent products to Your e-mail.
  • How to verify if this product is available?
    Every product on our website have an information about availability status and estimated realization time.
  • Is it possible to make a change in order and payment method?
    Yes. To change an order that has been made (delete one of ordered products or change payment method) You have to contact with Customer Service Dept by phone: 42 227 93 21 (ext. 21) or by e-mail: (We work from Mon to Fri: 8-16 and on Sat: 8-14). It is not possible to change the order that has been sent.
  • Is it possible to cancel the order?
    Yes. To cancel the order that has been placed You have to log in to Your account on website and in bookmark "my orders"click option "cancel the order". You can cancel the order also by contacting with Customer Service Dept by phone: 42 227 93 21 (ext. 21) or by e-mail: (We work from Mon to Fri: 8-16 and on Sat: 8-14). It is not possible to cancel the order that has been sent.
  • Can I collect the ordered product in person?
    Yes. After placing an order in our online shop You can collect the product in person from our company headquarters (only prepayment, You cannot Pay on place). To do that select personal collection option while purchasing and make the payment. You will be informed by e-mail when You will be able to pick up the package. More information in Contact Section. Please give us your login and order number, it will be helpful to identify the Client.
  • What are the payment methods?
    Available payment methods You can find on the page: Payment options
  • What are the shipping costs for larger order?
    When the order cost is higher than 150 PLN cost of the shipping is 0 PLN. Warning: It only applies to shipment in Poland region. Detailed costs of shipment are on page: Delivery costs
  • How long the realization of the order lasts?
    Potential time of delivering purchased product has been given on page: Delivery costs . With Cash On Delivery option selected the delivery will be the quickest, if the order has been placed in the beginning or in the middle of the week, estimated time is 48h. If the prepaid option is selected, we send the package after registering the payment on the account so the realization may last 1 to 4 working days.
  • Do You send packages at the weekend?
    No. We realize orders from Monday to Friday from 8 to 16. We don't send packages in Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Couriers also don't deliver packages at weekends.
  • What is the overall cost of purchased product?
    Overall cost of the order is: product price + shipping costs. Shipping costs can be found on page: Delivery costs .
  • What is the minimum order value for wholesalers?
    Minimum order value for wholesalers is 100 zł. More information in section Wholesale purchase.
  • Do You have regular stationary stores?
    Yes we have stationary stores, however these stores are for wholesalers only. Addresses: C.H. Ptak Hall B Box 135, Rzgów 95-030, Rzemieślnicza street 35 and C.H European Box 13 A Wólka Kosowska 05-552, Marii Świątkiewicz street 51. More information for wholesalers in section Wholesale purchase.
  • Can I count on a discount or other bonuses while purchasing?
    Yes. The actual discounts and sales are in section Discounts . The threshold discounts are also functioning in the shop. These discounts are counted automatically by the system. To follow actual discounts, new stuff and special offers we recommend You to sign up to our newsletter (at the bottom of the page).
  • Are the discounts connect with each other?
    No. Discounts don't connect with each other. However in case of sales products, one-time voucher will work.
  • Can I arrange specific hour of package receiving with courier? shop have no influence on package delivery time. Courier before delivering should contact with Client to set up suitable receiving time. As a company we don't have direct contact with each couriers, which are supporting different regions. To avoid the problems with delivery to house we recommend to use "PaczkomatyInPost" delivery option.
  • Where can I get information about sent package localization?
    Visit page:Delivery Status. You will find there simple shipping package tracker. You only need to type in waybill number and system will show the status of the package. If the error: "Incorrect waybill number" appears, it means that waybill number has been typed incorrectly or the courier hasn't register the package yet (hasn't get the package from the depot).
  • The package didn't arrive in specified time - what should I do?
    If the package didn't arrived in 3-7 working days time since placing order, please contact with Customer Service Dept by calling: 42 227 93 21 (ext. 21) or sending an e-mail to: (We work from Mon to Fri: 8-16 and on Sat: 8-14). By giving us Your login and order number we will be able to check what is happening with the package.
  • I selected wrong clothing size - how can I exchange it?
    The regulations of purchased product exchange are on page: Order cancellation.
  • Can I return purchased product? How Can I do that?
    The regulations of purchased product return are on page: Order cancellation.
  • I have received different product than I ordered - what should I do?
    Please contact with us quickly by calling: 42 227 93 21 (ext. 21) or sending an e-mail to: (We work from Mon to Fri: 8-16 and on Sat: 8-14). If the mistake is our fault we will exchange the product for the right one and return the costs of shipping. You have to send back the purchased product without Cash On Delivery option with filled up Complaint Form.
    The complaint regulations of purchased product are on: Order cancellation.
  • Received product is damaged - what should I do?
    Please contact with us quickly by calling: 42 227 93 21 (ext. 21) or sending an e-mail to: (We work from Mon to Fri: 8-16 and on Sat: 8-14). In that case we will exchange the product for flawless one and return costs of shipping. The purchased product complaint regulations are on page: Order cancellation.
  • Where do the clothes in shop come from?
    Our clothes and collections are made especially for us by producers and official distributors of brands that we are only representative. More information is on page: Shop Information. Note: Our clothes are not made in China!
  • What kind of fabrics are the products made of?
    The fabrics that clothes are made of have been given in product descriptions.
  • Where can I try on the product?
    There is no possibility to try on the product before purchasing it. On the other side You have the right to return every ordered product in our shop in 14 days time. More in section Order cancellation. To select the perfect size we suggest to measure Your own clothes, which are the perfect fit for You. More information in section How to choose the size
  • Why my size is different from these in the sizes table?
    This is because the sizes in the tables are measured flat (without stretching). Every producer has his own sizes standards, that's why it is important to look at the sizes table in the product description. The guides how to measure clothes and how to choose the size is in section: How to choose a size
  • What size is universal size?
    Our clothes in most cases is universal size. What does it mean? The clothes are made in size that is equal to M - L size. Clothes materials have usually addition of elasten which make them fit also XL size. Attention: in every product description are sizes measured flat without streching. More information in section: How to choose a size.
  • Can I buy in installments?
    No. This option is not available right now.
  • Can I receive a VAT invoice?
    We give Vat invoices on request. To receive Vat invoice You have to fill additional fields while You're placing an order or You can send us needed data by e-mail:
    - company name (Your name)
    - NIP

    We don't give Vat invoices for products that are different than in placed order and on different Customer data because the invoices are generated automatically and cannot be edited.

If You haven't found an answer in the topics above, please send Your question to
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